Need a speaker? I'm available to present at schools, libraries, universities, writing workshops and book clubs. Currently, I work with the Wisconsin Humanities Council as a speaker for their Immigration In Wisconsn Series, giving a talk on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Global migration. 

I have experience leading small group discussions, facilitating workshops, and speaking to audiences of 150+. My presentations draw from my scholarship as well as work as a writer, educator, and elected official.

They also feature many cat gifs
Topics Include:
Mightier than the Sword: How Writers and Artists Change the World
Civil War Poetry - How Do Poets Respond to Hard Times?
Don't Worry. We're Just Reliving the 1890s.
Revision: Ways of Radical Reimagining

As Max Howard, I write for children and young adults.  Presentation topics for school age audiences include:

I ❤️ Rejection: A Writer's Life
How--and Why--to Tell Disgusting Stories
Fifteen and Change: Dealing With Your First Job
Civic Engagement: Kids as Changemakers

"Emily's presentation engaged students in a refreshingly relevant manner. She captured their imaginations and helped them reflect on who they are as writers, readers, and thinkers. Emily's expertise is grounded in her approachable demeanor; that ideal balance makes for an inclusive, inspiring lecture." --Alyssa Kelly, eleventh grade English teacher